Welcome! I serve two masters:

The World of Stories. In 2021, my TV pilot “Wickenburg” made it to the quarterfinalist round of the ScreenCraft TV Pilot Script Competition. In 2020, my feature script “Paint for Your Life” (about the art forger Han van Meegeren) made it to the semifinals in two contests: Finish Line and Scriptation. I have an Oregon Book Award for Drama (2004) for coauthoring “Vitriol & Violets”, a play about the fascinatin’ denizens of the Algonquin Round Table.  More to come…

The Marketing World. Are you a marketing director or content manager looking for help feeding the beast? Need a blog post or a case study? Want to update webpages? Have a story you’d like to tell the world?

Please take a look at my samples of collateral and blog posts, and check out the FAQs and my rates.

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