Health Writings

Of all the work-for-hire writing I’ve done, I enjoyed health writing the most.  I haven’t done it for a while, so I don’t have recent work to show, but here are a few samples.

Non-Surgical Options for Women with Heart Disease

-Written for WebMD, picked up by CNN.

The History of Homeopathy

There is an elegant, mysterious paradox at the heart of homeopathy: You, the patient, are helped by a medicine so dilute that not one molecule of the original curative substance remains.

A homeopathic remedy is made by diluting a substance in water or alcohol, and then shaking it in a specific way. This process is repeated perhaps hundreds of times, and no physical trace of the substance will remain. What does remain is the specific magnetic resonance of the substance; it is said that the “water has memory” of what was diluted in it… (Want to read the rest of the story? Click the title to download the Word doc.)

Alternative Treatments for Allergies

AhhHH-CHOO! Summer cold or allergies? Common allergic rhinitis symptoms can mimic a cold: sneezing, watery eyes, stuffy sinuses, headaches, fatigue. At least 35 million Americans suffer from allergic rhinitis; add in food and other allergies, and the majority of us are allergic to something. The primary Western-style treatments are medications including antihistamines, decongestants, and steroids. Immunotherapy is a secondary treatment, in which you’re given injections of the specific allergens you react to, which make you less sensitive to the allergen.

If your immune system is weakened by pollutants (naturally-occurring or man-made), irritated by a toxic overload, if your intestinal flora are damaged (perhaps by antibiotics or steroids), or if you have nutritional deficiencies, you may be ripe for developing an allergy or two. Many alternative therapies and medications work by strengthening the body as a whole, rather than targeting a condition or body part. This progressive strengthening process supports the immune system, thereby treating the allergy at the source rather than just affecting the symptoms. Alternative treatments to consider include: (Want to read the rest of the story? Click the title to download the Word doc.)