Creative Projects

Aren’t we all poets at 16? And some of us keep it up, or transmute that creative writing energy into books or short stories or screenplays or essays (or looooong blog posts).

Theatre: I’m a coauthor of “Vitriol & Violets,” a play about the Algonquin Round Table, which won the Oregon Book Award for Drama in 2004. I’ve written a few other plays. I was Bag&Baggage’s Press Officer for four years (2009-2013), and I worked with Cygnet Productions, Broadway Rose, and a few others on media relations.

Sample press release: Cygnet Theatre Stages A F***in’ Great Glengarry Glen Ross

Screenwriting: I’ve completed four scripts, and I’ve been lucky enough to have one of them read by potential producers. Got close, no cigar yet. (Yet.) This one is my favorite:

  • Paint for Your Life:  An art forger accused of treason—selling a Vermeer to the Nazis—must prove that he painted it…in prison, under a death sentence.

Short stories and poetry: Yes, and yes.

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